How to get to Sunflowers Saigon Hotel?

Our hotel is located in Tan Binh District which is 0.5km from Than Son Nhat International Airport. Guests can get to the hotel as fast as possible and they can even remain not worried about missing flight for their next destination. The hotel is 8km from the City center "10 to 15 drive" depending on the situation.

Sunflowers Saigon Hotel location is advantageous for many reasons like the easy access to local and western restaurants. It is just 2km away from the Sports Cultural Center, 3km from the International Exhibition Centre, and Parkson Plaza just been around the area too. Travelers can also visit the Super Bowl Plaza which is just 1km away and also other supermarkets of the area. 

In Tan Binh district, you can offer yourself a visit to tourist attractions such as the Southeastern Armed Forces Museum, Marines Esports Gaming, Memorial tomb Phan Chu Trinh Tools, the Air Force Museum and many Vietnamese ancient temples with some of them built since 1744.